Avanti Group Review For UNILUX, Branding is Can Make a Difference

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In this Information Technology Age, a company’s reputation is often measured according to its website’s quality, visibility and usefulness to its clients. Having a website, therefore, is sometimes not even enough. It must reach the company’s targeted market as much as possible at all times.

In order to revamp their brand and image online, UNILUX AM has turned to iHook Creative UNILUX Advanced Manufacturing, LLC took that crucial step back in October 2009 with the official launch of their revamped website

San-Diego-based branding agency iHook Creative, finished the final touches of the project while staying ahead of the schedule for a launch before the end of the year.

UNILUX AM had undertaken a major project to revamp their corporate image by initiating a complete revamp of their website, sales collateral and promotional message. “After speaking with several prospects, it became clear that iHook Creative had the talent and understanding of our needs, not only in website design and rollout, but also with our downstream marketing and branding needs,” said Larry Farrelly, UNILUX AM President.

“iHook is excited about the collaboration with UNILUX Advanced Manufacturing,” said Matt Faulk, iHook founder and art director. “Together we have created a dynamic web environment that communicates the UNILUX AM corporate message and positions them at the top of the increasingly competitive aviation industry. The new look is a combination of technology, efficiency, and power.”

The creative collaboration between the two companies hopes to enhance the reputation of UNILUX as a provider of excellent industrial products and for all industrial applications.

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