Fix toggling between single and multiple layouts

Idan Gazit 9 years ago 0
Currently, layout switching doesn't remember layouts—if I have a three-pane layout and want to make one of them fullscreen for a little while, switching layouts to single and back will put all of my tabs in one pane, invalidating my brain's positional memory.

Desired outcome: I want a quick way to toggle "full-window" for a given pane in a layout, with the ability to return to how I was beforehand.

Sample user story:

Joe is editing 10 files in a three-pane layout. He now wants to focus on one of the files, and wants to get the other ones out of his line of sight for a little bit. He presses a key combination which expands the active pane to be the entire editing area, and when he's finished, he presses the same keycombo to return to the 3-pane layout. All of the tabs he had open are still attached to the panes they were in beforehand, and with the exception of the file he was just editing, their cursor/scroll location are unchanged as well.

Technical considerations:

You've already implemented layouts, which might make it easiest to just improve them instead of adding a whole new editing mode. Giving a project "layout history" will accomplish this nicely—I can switch to single-pane layout and back to three-pane layout without losing my structure.