Home and End Key handling

Hogan Long 7 лет назад 0

One of the best editor UI features of Brief (I'll not say more, those who know, know), was how the Home and End key were handled. 

  • On first press they went to the end or start of the current line.
  • On 2nd press they went to the bottom or top of the current viewport (what you can see on the screen)
  • On the 3rd press they went to the end or start of the file.

The ease of using this interface can not be glorified enough.  It is amazing.  Considering your editor's clear aim is to be glorious in every way, I highly recommend you implement this unappreciated (but unequaled) feature.


You could even generalize it to allow function binding to n-tery presses of a given control key in the plugins.  But that matters less to me than this specific functionality. 

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