Make it easier to scale the fonts used for tabs and the status bar

glyph 9 years ago updated by Brenton Simpson 7 years ago 1
ST2 looks great on my high-resolution desktop display and my HDTV alike: except that the font used in the tabs and on the status bar is so small as to be illegible.  I realize that it's possible to tweak it in the .sublime-theme, but the way widgets are mapped to areas of the screen is somewhat mysterious (I figured it out once, blew away my config, and haven't managed to get it working again).

It would be great if there were simply a user setting like gui_chrome_font_size or somesuch, which allowed for quick adjustment of the font used in the find/replace panel, in the sidebar, and in the tabs along the top.

I'm scaling all the UI elements I can find to better support non-Mac high-density screens:


The command palette is still small, and the tab labels can't get any bigger without clipping.  Otherwise, it works pretty well.