Find in file annoyances

Jarod Taylor 8 år siden opdateret af Brian Ernst 8 år siden 2
Currently when I CMD + F and type my query in the Find input, I love how it will move to its first result. What I find annoying is when you want to no longer 'find' and you want to close find, you have to remove the text in the input which makes the file scroll back to where you were prior to hitting CMD + F. I think I'd prefer CMD + F toggle the Find input. Or maybe I'm missing something here? Is there an easy way to close the find after you've opened it?
You can hit ESC to close the Find widget and get the focus back to your text (without clearing what you just typed in the Find widget)
^This. ESC is the standard way to close ANY popup/box in Sublime Text 2, which just makes sense.

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