better file management

Domi Barton 9 years ago updated by Mike Bartlett 8 years ago 2

I would appreciate the following two functions in the project sidebar:

new file

- create new file from context menu
- instead of opening a new "untitled" file, create a new empty file and focus the filename field to (re)name the file directly after creation

duplicate file

- right click on an existing file
- select duplicate file
- copy the existing file and set the focus on the filename field to rename the duplicated file (w/o selecting suffix)

The suffix thing can be tricky, because there can be multiple suffixes (e.g. .php / .inc.php).

This should also be extended to folders as well. So if the context menu is pulled up on the Folder it will be "Duplicate Folder" or if it is a file or files it will be "Duplicate File" or "Duplicate Files" respectively.
The right side should allow for full file management, drag and drop to move files around. Rename. New Folder. Etc... Love Love Love your product btw.