Copy file name and/or file location from its tab's context menu

R K 7 years ago 0

 In a collaborative environment, I often have to quickly send someone the name and/or location of the file I'm currently working on. My previously used editor had an option to copy that info from the context menu of the file's/buffer's tab directly to the clipboard, which is really handy, especially if the paths are really long and nested deeply.

The options in my previous editor were like this (example path and file: /very/long/path/to/my/working/directory/file.pm):

- 'Copy full path' -> /very/long/path/to/my/working/directory/file.pm

- 'Copy file name' -> file.pm

- 'Copy directory name' -> /very/long/path/to/my/working/directory/

This would be so perfect. :)