Project 1 file scan blocks project 2 file scan

Scott Bowers 9 years ago 0

I have a lot of projects and I need to context-switch frequently.  Some of these projects are quite large and some of these are on remote volumes, which take a while to scan. When this process starts, and I need to switch to a different project, the new project will not start to scan the files until the previous one finishes.

Use case: I work on remote project X on day one, finish and close out sublime. When I work on project Y on day two, I open sublime to find that it instantly starts scanning project X.  When I switch to project Y, sublime sits there, not letting me Goto Anything or see any of my files until the previous scan finishes.  Only then will it start scanning project Y

Also, sublime throws away the directory scan of project X when I switch to project Y.  This means that a quick fix for project Y means that I have to then wait for an entire scan of project X.  Sublime should be able to hold on to this information, so I can quickly switch between X/Y without having to wait. 

In my opinion it would be best to:

1) Sublime caches the file scan of your projects. When you switch to a project, immediately use the cache so I can start editing files and being productive.
2) Display an indication in the file tree and goto anything of entries that have not been verified
3) Scan files in the background to verify
4) When I switch to a project, pause any existing scans and start scanning it immediately.