Make pressing CTRL-F while the search bar is visible should put the field in focus rather than closing it

Acorn vor 9 Jahren aktualisiert von Alan Andersen vor 9 Jahren 1
I often have the problem that I press CTRL-F because I want to search for something, begin typing, and find that I am overwriting some text on the page.

This is because the search bar was already open when I typed the shortcut and was therefore closed.

I think it would be more user friendly if pressing the shortcut just put your focus in the search box, and if you want to close the bar you should press ESC (which closes it already).
I do this all the time too on accident. I didnt even know pressing ctrl-f again closed it! If i want something closed I always press escape and it does the trick just fine. SB2 is even smart about which one to close first if there are multiple things open. (such as ctrl-f then ctrl-r). 

I just realized though that as long as the focus isn't on the search bar when you press ctrl-f, it does indeed go back to the search bar without closing it.