Auto Complete searches entire project

Zachary Nawar 8 years ago updated by Joel Thornton 8 years ago 3
Currently auto complete only searches the currently opened file for similar functions. The ability to make it search your entire project would be nice, and have the results be like:
[trying to autocomplete: "Commit"]

Which will also show the location of the function or the variable you are looking to autocomplete.
Also setting to change case-sensitivity
Also a way to mark certain folders in your project to have auto complete search in. Like if i want to exclude a folder from autocomplete search i just right click it and press "Turn off autocomplete search in this folder"
Check out the SublimeCodeIntel plugin, which does a quite nice job of meeting this goal, in addition to being syntax-aware for many programming languages. https://github.com/Kronuz/SublimeCodeIntel

Note if you have install issues, be sure to try restarting Sublime at the point of failure; that's what got it to install properly for me.