Dynamic language definitions

Henrik Thorup Andersen 7 years ago updated by Darin Morrison 7 years ago 1

I have been experimenting with dynamically updating the language definitions in order to support higlighting of all typenames, etc in c/c++ (via libclang), and it is working great. The way it is done is a bit of a hack though, continuosly writing language definitions to disk and removing them when closing the file. Some kind of support for updating the language definitions in memory via the api would be great, and maybe not that hard to do?

I would like to see something like this as well. Something like this is necessary to provide proper grammar-based syntax highlighting for languages which allow for customized notations. Two examples are Agda and Coq, but there are others. Languages which allow for the definitions of macros or which have good support for embedded domain-specific-languages would also benefit.