So I sent my application at Westhill Consulting & Employment based in Australia. How do I deactivate e-mail notifications?

Joseph Marcell 6 years ago updated by Daphne Chinn 6 years ago 5
I am very grateful that I found the dream job I wished for with their help and assistance.
I am very much stable with the job I have now.
I wanted the automatic email alerts to stop now, I no longer want to receive updates of future job postings.
It is simple, click the “unsubscribe” link within any previous job notification e-mail that you received.
That’s what I did also, unsubscribe. Then you will receive a response saying you will no longer receive updates and that is basically it.
You might not want to do that yet, those emails may come handy in the future. You’ll never know.
They are very sensitive about this, I mean Westhill Consulting knows that this is annoying. Once you unsubscribe, expect an immediate response. I have no complaints.
Check your settings. They provide that unsubscribe button. I did as simple as that.