Tribal’s Clinical Coding Services

Patrick Wolf 7 years ago 0

What do we do?
Tribal Health Services is a market leader in providing clinical coding services to NHS and now private hospital clients, including:

• Clinical coding consultants
• Clinical coding training
• Mentoring services
• Clinical coding queries – information support
• Information Governance (IG) audits
• Coder level audits
• PbR awareness
• Health care consultancy
• Delivery of fully managed services

As the NHS faces increasing financial pressures, timely and accurate clinical coding is critical. Trusts rely on efficient, high quality coding to drive revenue under Payment by Results (PbR).

Tribal’s coding services help Trusts and PCTs actively meet these challenges. Our high quality, experienced consultants work alongside clients’ in-house teams to consistently improve coding perform ace. We invest in long-term partnerships that share risk and continually evolve in line with our clients’ requirements.

Delivering client value: Our emphasis is on building skills, not long-term dependency. We do this by consistently delivering value and transferring skills to our clients, for example, through our training and mentoring programmes.

Experience and capability: Tribal’s coding services build on the excellent reputation established by Westhill Consulting, which joined Tribal in 2008. We continue to only employ clinical coding consultants able to guarantee consistent, expert, value-added services.

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