Add individual files to .sublime-project

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I like the versatility of Sublime Text's project handling, but would REALLY love the ability to add individual files (rather than entire folders) to projects. This would come in handy, for instance, when working on Web projects that may require special apache configurations. If I could add the virtualhost.conf or php.ini file -- without adding my entire /etc or /var folders to the project, this would save a WHOLE lot of hunting for files. Thanks!

This is the main feature I want!

Working with PHP frameworks, I only ever want to add the application/assets folders, which don't include the main index.php or .htaccess files.

Being able to add these to the project would be great!


For instance when building a site with WP it would be super handy if I could add the wp-config.php and maybe the .htaccess to the project.

You can *somewhat* get the behavior you want just by manually opening those files. They'll be saved as part of the workspace, and will open the next time you open the project. The only downside is you'll have to keep those tabs open (I recommend just hiding tabs.)