Adding an optional Safari-like Find to simplify finding

Bob Beaty 8 years ago 0

I would really love to have the option of a simplified 'Find' panel for Mac OS X like Safari and BBEdit have. Right at the top of the window, with a simple text field, forward/back buttons, a 'Cancel' (invoked with the Esc key) and a count of how many hits there are.

I like the complete functionality of the existing 'Find' bar at the bottom, but the buttons are so big that they obscure the text box where I'm typing my find string.

It's kind of like the existing 'Incremental Find', but it's more along the lines of other Mac apps.

Alternatively, the ability to shrink the Find, Find Prev, Find All so it doesn't obscure the text field would be OK as well. I was just thinking the minimal one at the top would be more "Mac like".