Find/Quick Add Next consistent with highlighted occurrences

pornel 8 year бұрын updated by 0xeedfade 7 year бұрын 2

In a document like that:

bar foobarbaz bar foo bar

If I double-click "bar" I see words highlighted (outlined) based on whole-word find (very nice!)

[bar] foobarbaz [bar] foo [bar]

But then when I invoke "Quick Add Next" a few times I get different selection based on substring match:

bar foobarbaz bar foo bar

Notice that "bar" fragment in "foobarbaz" is unexpectedly selected, even though it hasn't been highlighted as a match before.

I wish those two features were aligned. Specifically I'd like to have "Quick Add Next Whole-Word Match" option, so it'd only select words I can already see highlighted.

Whole-word Quick Add Next is also very useful for renaming variables within a function, but currently it only works reliably when the name doesn't match substring (e.g. can't rename "i" variable, even though whole-word match would do well).

I wouldn't mind a bit of magic here too - use whole-word Quick Add if whole word is selected, and use substring if selection doesn't end on word boundaries.

Holy moly, this drives me crazy too! I would love for this to be resolved somehow. Either a separate shortcut for something like "Quick Add Next Matched" or just modify the behavior of Quick Add Next.


This is rather baffling. Unintituively, Quick Add Next behaves differently depending on the state of your selection (as not stated in the help). If you select a pattern, it will match any pattern following. If you only have your caret on your word (no selection), it will select only whole words.