When you right click on a file tab at the top of the screen, you can have the option to find this file in the folder tree of open projects

Bashkim Isai 8 years ago updated by James Broad 7 years ago 2
When you right click on a tab representing a file at the editor window, you are generally presented with the options "Close", "Close other tabs", "Close tabs right", etc. 

Can we have an option to "Show in project" which selects the file in the project directory tree.
When you right click in the editor you can go to "Reveal in sidebar", can we put this when you Right Click on the file tab?

I think it's a more obvious place to right click and try to "Reveal in sidebar" on the file tab than in the file contents. It would at least be nice to have it in the file tab as I keep going to try to do that operation :)