When switching projects keep open folder of previous project

Eric Barnes 9 років тому оновлено 7 років тому 2
I am constantly switching between projects and it would be great if sublime kept the open folder structure of each project. That way you do not have to keep opening several folders each time you switch back. 
I agree. I often have all sorts folders open, and would like to retain those states when switching projects.
I agree, vote up. To expand on that, it would be great if the location in the ToC would be highlighted when I click on a file so that I know where it is. This, of course, would only apply to files in folders that I have defined in my project. This behavior already happens with the "Open Files" list on the left, but highlighting in that list should be secondary to highlighting in the folder structure, especially when I have a project set to hide the open files list. (Or, maybe an option to choose which list to highlight it in.)