Newly folder should be expanded 1 level when added to project

Russell Keith-Magee 13 years ago updated by Nick Farina 13 years ago 2
When adding a folder to a project, it is added in a "closed" state. The first action will almost always be to open that folder. The default expansion state of a newly added project folder should be to open the top level (i.e., if I add folder Foo, I should see all the files and subfolders of Foo without needing to manually expand the folder).
Then I would like to have this behavior configurable. I have to do organizational operations very seldom - most of the time I just cmd+P and peep/change it. Thus I would like to avoid automatic unfolding stuff in my sidebar.
This also happens when dragging a folder from the Finder to ST's dock icon: it opens a new window with that folder as a virtual "project" which is great, but the sidebar is collapsed. So my first action is ALWAYS to grab my mouse and expand the root node.

Interestingly, when opening a folder via the command line "subl ." the root node is expanded by default which is correct in my view.