Sublime won't respond to applescript set bounds of window

Chase de Languillette 9 years ago updated by Robby 8 years ago 1
I have some ghetto applescripts that resize my windows, that work wonderfully with just about every program, except sublime isn't responding to them.  this is the general script -- it's pretty simple.

set cw to 2560 -- cinema width

set ch to 1440 -- cinema height

set lw to 1440 -- laptop width

set lh to 900 -- laptop height

set mb to 21 -- menu bar

set activeApp to (path to frontmost application as Unicode text)

tell application activeApp


set bounds of window 1 to {cw * 2 / 3, mb, cw, ch}

end tell

It's just annoying to resize windows manually.  It's worth noting that I can still resize the program dynamically with a window sizing program like Divvy, but I like the simplicity and price (free) of applescript.  Thanks!

Looking for the same functionality as well. I use applescripts to manage my windows instead of something like Divvy.