I'd need completely transparent way to edit files on remote boxes on local sublime, so it would be as convenient as using remote instance of vim. No magic per-host configuration files anywhere. Something like http://ip.fi/editor-bridge.txt

Saku Ytti 8 lat temu 0

If I were to change from vim to some local-only editor, lets say sublime text,

I'd need someway to continue using remote commands to edit files.

I guess how this could work is that when on remote machine your 'magiceditor

file', it opens new channel inside current ssh connection and copies file to

some ~/.magiceditor/session/host:port/pwd/file.

On local PC you'd have deamon running, which would use inotify to monitor files

appearing and files changed.

So when remotely you edit file, it is copied to local PC, and then opened in

new tab or existing tab is refreshed.

When you save tab in local PC, it is copied back to remote PC.

All this could be wrapped also inside git, so if remote file was edited with

another editor, you could solve conflicts via git merge.

Or it could be configuration option, which end remote or local wins in

conflicts. But automatic git storage for all edited files could be nice for

other reaons too.