"Convert Indentation To Spaces/Tabs" should be under Edit, not View

Harry Pehkonen 8 years ago updated by Michael Krueger 8 years ago 4

"View" in the menu should mostly have options for presentation, not for changing the file.

When a newbie like myself wants to convert indentation to spaces or tabs, one would probably look under Edit and Tools.

Thanks very much for the awesome editor!


I've been wondering about this too - seems misplaced
Thanks, cactuz! I'm glad I'm not alone.
Yes, abuse of the View menu is a pet peeve of mine, especially on the Windows platform.  The View menu is intended solely for commands that control the display of the content, not for commands that change the content or alter non-view-related settings.  I'm very pleased that Sublime Text avoided the most common abuse of the View menu, namely, trying to use it for things like "Preferences," "Settings," or anything else that pops up a dialog box!
Here’s another idea:  The code folding options should be moved to the View menu, because they do not change the content.  The Edit menu is primarily for operations that actually change the content, along with a few other standard operations (like Find… and Select All) that don’t actually change the content but are closely related to operations that do (like Replace… and Cut).

Here’s a relevant excerpt from Microsoft’s interface design guidelines:
Place commands on the View menu that change the user’s view of data in the window.  Include commands on this menu that affect the view and not the data itself;— for example, Zoom or Outline.  Also include commands for controlling the display of particular interface elements in the view;— for example, Show Ruler or Show Status Bar.
I believe similar guidelines exist for Mac OS, but I wasn’t able to find them easily.

Oh, by the way, I also love Sublime Text.  I wouldn’t be commenting here if I didn’t care about making it even better!