A mirroring instance of one file

bentastic 8 year бұрын жаңартылды 8 year бұрын 0
While using colums, rows or grid and working on a special file, nice to open only the file IN A NEW VIEW (not the same as new instance) in fullscreenmode, so i have all the screen just for this one file (maybe a more complex script as the others). When closing or saving or just tipping in the file, the original script (laying in colums, rows or grid) becomes the same content (is just mirroring in the new view) so i havent to open a new instance, just this single view. Its noisy to move the borders to a bigger view for one file in a group and its noisy to move it back every time i working on some more special scripts. Better one click (right mouse on tab for example) to choose: create new view.