Have the caret step by the tab-size through leading white-space

Jürg Lehni 8 years ago updated by Jed Hunsaker 8 years ago 2
In TextMate, when stepping left / right in leading white-space of any line using the caret / text cursor, it is moved by the tab-size, whether real tabs are used or tabs are substituted with normal spaces.

In the same way, hitting delete while to the right of such white-space should also remove the amount of white-space corresponding to a full tab.

This is a feature I am really missing from Sublime Text since I made the switch.
+1 (not because TextMate has it but because it's the right way :-)

+1 for the same reason as Sven. Might I add, the Del key should also trigger this function. That is, say I'm on the end of a line and I hit delete, so 5 leading tabs have just come up to my line. Now, pressing delete should remove 4 spaces if my tabs are setup as such, but only if those spaces are at the end of the line. I realize this is tricky, but possible. Technically, I can see no reason why I would want to keep my scope tabs anyway, in this scenario.