Uncloseable tab/crash if you Ctrl+C subl before you close the tab it opens

Max Bolingbroke 9 years ago 0

To reproduce this, open some text with the subl command:

echo foo | subl

Sublime text opens with a view onto that file. Now Ctrl+C your subl command from the terminal. As expected, the file stays open in Sublime Text 2. However, if you try to close the opened tab bad things happen. Instead of the tab disappearing, it stays open - but the text vanishes and is replaced with solid background colour.

If you try to close the tab again nothing happens. It is literally impossible to remove the tab without closing the window. Furthermore, Sublime Text will outright crash (SIGABRT) if you close all of the *other* tabs open in the window.

This affects OS X (at least, other OSes may be affected).