Unable to save

Vivi-Raa 6 years ago updated by Alexander E Jones 6 years ago 1

Hi - im a first time user of sublime. I am learning to code via Treehouse. One of the first things I am required to do is create a file and save it as index.html. Once I try and save it, an error pops up "Unable to save/Index.html. Error: unable to create tmp file in..." - therefore I cannot save and continue on with the tutorial.. Is it because I have an "unregistered" copy? I downloaded a free version off your site.

Hey Vivi.  I had a similar issue to yours, and I may have a solution.  If you use a linux based operating system, like linux, or if you use a Mac, you might not have permissions to create files in that directory.  If you open that file with a regular notepad, does the file show as "read-only", or something like that?