Fully functional SVN/Git

Jarod Taylor 12 years ago updated by Petros Diveris 12 years ago 10

I've done some searching and have come up with nothing other than the current plugin that is lacking the rest of the SVN functionality. (https://github.com/burriko/sublime-subversion)

Would also love to see Git integrated into Sublime Text 2. Many of my projects use SVN and many use Git. I love that Textmate gives me the abilty to use both within the editor. 

This is and code folding are 2 things lacking from Sublime, but other wise I am LOVING it. Great job.

 There's code folding support in the newest dev builds.

Nevermind. I see it was put in build 2113.
Is committing from the editor really useful? Creating separate history entries for each file you modified would be a great way to get project maintainers mad.

We use it EVERY DAY. Modify a few files, hit CMD + G and commit changes, CMD + G do a pull, CMD + G do a push. Quick, simple, and I haven't left my text editor. Maybe it's not useful to you, but it's useful to my entire team.

Were you able to get the burriko version running? I've modified the keymap but the consule shows "unable to parse command" when I try anything.
SVN integration is very much needed. Currently I switched everything to sublime but I have to use a third party application for SVN. I really wish there was an extension just like aptana's SVN integration. Having "sync with repository" or see diffs before committing would be great.
I just released a (commercial) full-featured SVN plugin at http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/svn
Awesome! I have enjoyed all of your plugins. Please do something similar for Git. :D

I'm not a fan of the other Git tools out there.
Nice but it crashes sublime..