Coloring the folders and files in the project sidebar

Yarden Sachs 8 years ago updated by Alan Woo 8 years ago 1
When working with a huge repository - one has no way to set a distinction between all the irrelevant files and folder, and the relevant ones, for that day or session.

i suggest that you could color the folders and files. so that you could mark them as relelvant, and they could stand out for easy distinction.
the colors settings will reflect in the tabs also.
I would love to see coloured folders. I love the sidebar and the concept of projects and while I know there is the excellent command palette for finding and quickly opening files, I am definitely a visual person and find myself using the sidebar a lot.

I definitely get confused when I have say, a theme I am referring to and a theme I am working on and get confused if I am looking at the views etc from one parent or another.

As a really simple mockup, it would be amazing to be able to see at a glance which set of folders I am looking at.

Closed folders:

Closed Folders - Colour

Open Folders:

Open Folders - Colour:

Open Folders - Subfolders: