Auto Complete of Tags

Wayne Barron vor 8 Jahren aktualisiert von Adrien Dudouit vor 8 Jahren 1

Hello All;
I have been using Dreamweaver for years, not for the coding, but the ease of use with the auto complete function they have in it.
I would LOVE to get away from Dreamweaver, and start using Sublime full time in my production environment, and also for my workers.

This is what I would love to have.

When you type in <tr><td>
Then you type in </
It will automatically complete the closing tags.
So you will have
Right now, you have to choose from the list, and sometimes the list does not appear.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
Maybe one day, this program will become my main one.


The EMMET plugin made this :

  - write "td*2" then tab => "<td>•</td><td>•</td>"

  - write "td>td" then tab => "<td><td>•</td></td>"

I think some plug-in have a "close all tag" feature ( maybe emmet ) in other case