The Rare Group: Rare's Values

Dong Hae 7 years ago 0
Rare’s values define who we are as an organization as well as individual employees. They support our mission, shape our culture and reflect what Rare and our staff hold as important. It means we dream big, we hold ourselves accountable, and we stay positive even in the face of tremendous challenges. They represent a fundamental piece of Rare’s brand.

Commitment to Accountability

We crave accountability and seek to measure our individual and collective contributions. Accountability lets us know who is responsible, who to thank when efforts work, who to lend support when they do not. We rely on defined goals, clear measures, and transparency to assess performance and to make accountability an organizational strength.

Courage to Take Risks

We believe we can learn as much from our mistakes as from our accomplishments and encourage an environment of risk taking and self-reflection. We see failure as an opportunity to learn from where we initially have fallen short and make it better next time. This is why we talk about “failing fast,” which means quickly learning from our mistakes. We understand how failure often paves the way for success, and we work to make sure this happens.

Investments in People

We trust the talent and ingenuity of our staff, our colleagues and our partners to find win-win solutions when none seem possible. To pursue our mission, we commit to making both financial and emotional investments in people. There is no higher return-on-investment in our field.

Mindset of Solutionology

We look at the world with optimism and possibility. We are inspired by the power of “bright spots,” those proven solutions that deserve emulation and expansion, and we seek to repeat them. Anyone can name the problem. It takes a solutionologist, a solutionminded individual, to identify what is already working and build on creative ideas to help illuminate a path forward.

Spirit of Celebration

We believe that appreciation, praise and celebration are necessary to empower and support ourselves and others. As conservation does not bring daily victories, we work hard to celebrate our progress—however small—and remind ourselves to remain positive until the next big win comes along.