Add option to display N lines of context above/below cursor when near edge of window

Paul Hoepfner-Homme 9 years ago 0
When I am scrolling up in a file, or jump to a point higher in my code using some command (such as CTRL+M), I'd like the option for Sublimetext to show up to N lines of context above the cursor. Similarly, when I am scrolling down in a file, or jump down, I'd like to have up to N lines of context to be shown below the cursor. N would be a configurable number. I often find myself using CTRL+M to find out the context of the current nested block I am in, but sometimes the opening brace or bracket is on a separate line that the statement/function/construct definition is on, such as in this example:

foreach( $events as $event )

Within this block, if I hit CTRL+M, the cursor jumps up to the top brace, but I don't see the foreach() statement until I scroll up a line. I'd like SublimeText to be able to show me the 3 or so lines above the cursor to give me some context about where I am.