Publish files remotely on target box

Aurélien Slodzian 7 years ago 0

Several people mentioned the usefulness of remote editing via ssh or sftp. That would allow one to edit scripts/programs on a remote machine.

Such a feature, if coupled with a terminal window would indeed boost the edit/test cycle.

However, it would be even better if one could edit files locally and, at some point, when the code is ready, publish it on a remote box, e.g. for testing.

In order to do so now, I have manually copy (drap or scp) the file to the remote box and then switch to a terminal window or browser for testing.

The idea would be to keep the reference source code on the local computer and to have a testing/running copy on the remote box. But that would require that ST2 keeps some sort of mapping between the local files and the path of their remote counterparts.