Sublime Python import error

Aman Kapur 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

I'm writing a plugin for sublime and require sleekxmpp module from python. Upon importing it, I get an error saying module not found. I copied the sleepxmpp folder into my plugin directory and that worked but created more import problems. I've run other python applications with sleekxmpp on my machine and have had no such errors. 

Does sublime use it's own version of python?Is there a way to link the python path for sublime to the local python installation path so all imports work ok ?

Yes, Python uses it's own version: Python 2.6.5. You can find the .zip file in the Sublime install dir.

I found that, how do I replace it? I zipped my local version of python 2.7 and put in the lib folder, it didn't work.