When renaming an open file from within sublime, switch to editing the file with the new name

Acorn 9 years ago updated by Cédric ARNOULD 8 years ago 3
When you rename a file that's currently open from the sidebar, you currently have to close the tab and reopen the newly named file in order to start editing it.

Would it not make more sense to automatically reopen the file with the new name? Or at least make it an option?
Same as this one, add your vote to it: http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/27842-update-tabs-after-renaming-file/
Similarly, if the file is not open but being shown, then you rename the file, and then you click on the source code to actually open it, it opens with the old name.
Same happens with folder, rename a folder then the source code actually open can't be save.