Copy, paste with nothing selected (i.e. a whole line) shouldn't break up current line

codex 9 years ago updated by Danny Fritz 9 years ago 2
When I copy with nothing selected, I expect to the paste to paste an entire line, not break up the current line at the cursor.  Example:

foo bar<copy this line using zero-selection method>
ba<paste with cursor here>z

I want the result to be:
foo bar
foo bar

And not:
foo bar
bafoo barz
Similarly, pasting a multiple line selection shouldn't break up the current line, but, rather, insert before the line or after it.  I prefer after.
I prefer inserting above like Visual Studio.

I'd also like to add this functionality works on the Windows version of Sublime 2. Just not Linux or OSX. Which is very frustrating when I switching between my Windows and Linux machines.