Replace button in find panel does not have a keybinding

Kai Grossjohann 12 jaar geleden bijgewerkt door Simon vom Eyser 7 jaar geleden 3
Kudos to forum post http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4485 that brought up this problem.

On OSX, in build 2161, the replace button in the find panel (Find / Replace in the menu bar) does not have a keybinding.  If Command+R invoked it, then people could step through matches with Command+G and replace the ones they want with Command+R.
im currently using build 2138  and under find there is the shortcut for replace - <cmd + alt + f>. sadly i cant get it to work. :(
Replace would be really nice. Even nicer would be replace and find the next one. (Super+Option+f in Textmate). This way I just walk through all the results, only having to hit Super+G when I want to skip one.

Would totally appreciate that feature too, just stumbled across this request.