When using USA International Keyboard Layout, and we want to wrap a selected text into quotes, the first quote overwrites the selected text.

Caio Fernando Bertoldi Paes de 8 years ago updated by robertlfr 4 years ago 2
Set your keyboard layout to USA International, then write something into Sublime Text 2, select it, and type a quote (wanting to wrap selected text into quotes). The "pre-quote" overwrites selected text. This "pre-quote" is a state of waiting until a vowel or spacebar be pressed, in order to know which character is user wanting to type.
This is annoying, I've spent 4hour from my time digging the web to discover that the quote wrapping only works fine using the US keyboard layout. It needs to be fixed.

This is a OS X issue (Currently I've tested on Lion)

This bug is still there. I am on Xubuntu with US international with dead keys.