The essence of a manager

dollah chick 6 years ago 0
As an avid activist for a distance of sports, visit many places where people sweat runs out in the service of their health. Zwiedzam them, because I like to watch others tire:) And soon to join them.

I've always been attracted to combat sports. I did so recently a practical review of the styles in which people struggle with each other. And I came across MMA.

Here I saw the hardest. On their faces clearly etched "molluscs are loitering!". Air until dense from the adrenaline.

And in their midst: boss of it all-coach. But, but-he doesn't look like a tough guy. Kind of has a broken nose, but back thinner truck. And somehow calm. Maybe it is the substitute?

Here We Go! The trainer shows the first grip by translating "you catch an opponent for stem, flip it to Bacon, then hold down the handle." I am in shock. What Bacon? What handle? I wasn't expecting this, it will throw the students on the walls, but LEG?!? I think I was right: proxy.

An hour later I had no doubt, however, that the guy is a warrior. Firmly, without hesitation he seemed, by teaching others what he can. He did it at the same time with a lot of respect for the other, carefully listening to what they need. The authority for many a manager could envy.

What's the secret to the authority of the boss? In how it looks? As it says? How much is experienced?

What is the essence of the Manager? What is your essence? Courage in making the decision? Bold vision? Niezłomność policy? Think what You appreciate reports. Or what would you like to be appreciated. And peel it for dating.

Not enough knowledge of management techniques, master. It obviously helps. It is necessary, in order to be effective.

But what really stands out and makes you believable, it's your personal figure. You might want to have something of his, what to keep, even though I do not know what.

What is your essence?

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