Open symbol list in a pane

Nick Melnick fa 13 anys updated by robertcollier4 fa 11 anys 5
Being able to open another pane, similar to the file browsing pane, with the list of symbols in the current file would be handy. The Go to anything feature is handy in files you know well, but having the list for new code makes life easier.

This would be awesome as its a standard feature in textmate and e-text editor

This is the very last feature I'm after to make the jump from e-text editor - everything else is perfect!
This is the only feature I feel is really needed. A list of symbols in its own pane would be perfect. Perhaps with optional icons contrasting each type of symbol? The "Chocolat" editor for Mac has my favorite implementation so far, please take a look at it for a great example.

This would be awesome, or the abiity to access a list of the symbols in the API so we could write something similar as a plugin.

Ctrl+R (show_overlay @) already provides this functionality to show a function symbol list - however it would be nice to have the function list integrated into the existing sidebar so that it can be viewed side-by-side with the code without having to invoke an overlay.

The functions shown by Ctrl+R (show_overlay @) could be shown as a child tree of the current file on the existing sidebar.