Vintage Mode - Ctrl-C

Marke Hallowell 9 years ago updated by Alexander Garden 8 years ago 2
Please enable Ctrl-C in Vintage mode to both cancel the current command and (more importantly) exit insert mode. Vim supports Ctrl-C as an alternative to Esc for exiting insert mode, and seeing as how you do not need to remove your fingers from the home row, it is a much much quicker alternative. I was very impressed to see that you had implemented vim bindings and it's actually made me interested in using your product, but this would be a must-have for me to switch from vim/macvim as the muscle memory is too strongly ingrained.
Also Vintage Mode - Ctrl-[
Additionally I use Ctrl-[ as an alternate to ESC. It looks like a great editor but I'm with Marke, I use Ctrl-[ command so often that I wouldn't be able to switch without that feature.
Again, thanks for Vintage Mode!


I had the same problem. A bit of snooping turned up the default Vintage keybindings for OSX do behave this way. So I copied them into my user key bindings file. Bingo!

The pertinent lines are right at the beginning of Sublime Text 2/Pristine Packages/Vintage.sublime-package. Open it in a text editor other than Sublime and copy them.

Oh, and for Ctrl-[, the docs note that that can be turned on with

"vintage_ctrl_keys": true 

in your user settings file. Tested, works for me.