Horoscope - Corrigendum

iria calixto 6 years ago 0
At the request of one of the leading business magazines present corrected Horoscope for business. appeared in print a number of errors involving the incorrect fitting of Hitler's chart recommendations to the signs of the zodiac. So here is a list of corrections:

Recommendation for AQUARIUS:

In order to achieve promotion, work more efficiently.

properly applies to people under the sign BRIDE. Dear Aquarius, if this week worked effectively, hoping for a promotion, editors are not incurred because of this injury. Next:

Recommendation for TWINS:

This week, your boss will pay attention to your ideas.

This situation has BULL. Twin, if you think your boss but this week APPLIED attention to your ideas, it was a coincidence.

Recommendation erroneously ascribed to persons under the sign of Aries:

Please note if you do not take on too much. Take only those tasks that you have a chance to finish.

Of course, the recommendation only applies to shooters. Dear Aries, unnecessarily ograniczałeś last week.

FISH read: One of the meetings, which will be invited this week will be important for your career.

Well, unfortunately not. What else Capricorn - they had the opportunity to go to such a meeting.

MISS read, supposedly: This week, a person from another department asks you for help - it's worth fulfill her request, and even exceed her expectations and to offer specific support fixed.

Dear Miss, typical pixie printing ... What else You, CANCER. Well, if RAK read in last week's horoscope:

Take care this week, especially for refreshing news in your field - at the end of the week will be an opportunity to be demonstrated.

CANCER unnecessarily.

At the same time the editors did not rule out further corrections. Not responsible for erroneous activity due to the strict treatment of the recommendations of the horoscope BUSINESS. Makes every effort to ensure that the recommendations are accurate and adequately supported the decisions of professional readers.

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