highlight non-breaking space

Salz` 8 years ago updated by Floran Brutel 6 years ago 4
Would love to see an option to highlight all non-breaking spaces. It's to easy to "missplace" them behind []{}| on a i.e Germany Keyboard (where option/alt-key is needed for []{}|). 

Had the same problem with a french keyboard.

You can find a sublime text plugin there, it works nicely :


you could do handle this problem with a custom keybinding that blocks you from inserting them.
{"keys": ["alt+space"], "command": "insert", "args": {"characters": " "}}

- by @mediafinger https://twitter.com/mediafinger/status/270886390294786048

but that blocks you from writing them at all. Not a solution, but at least a workaround. 

Thanks for the "detect special characters" plugin.  It's extremely limited, though, since it only checks for one particular character and doesn't actually highlight the characters.  Anyone know of a more capable plugin for displaying all non-printable characters?

I know that the message is old, but "Unicode character highlighter" makes it