What stops me moving from textmate…

James McCarthy 8 years ago 0
I spend an enormous amount of time using textmates block select features. Specifically toggling a selected range to a block using the alt key, moving a block left and right with [ctrl]-[cmd]-arrow and auto align block with [alt]-[cmd]-].

Close all tabs except current [alt] click the one tab you want.

The find in project is so much less useful than Textmate2s find and replace in project and I use that all the time for refactoring.

Reveal in project [ctrl]-[cmd]-r I rely on all the time when I have large amout of files open.

Finally the Rspec integration plugin. Specifically the Rspec keyboard shortcuts and the ability to run scoped tests with [shift]-[cmd]-R and all tests in file with [cmd]-r.

These are the major barriers to me moving to an otherwise awesome editor. I'd definitely switch if these were in place.