Add an "Open in Finder" option when right-clicking on open files/tabs

Dino Angelov 8 years ago updated by robertcollier4 8 years ago 1

Would be really helpful if there was a context menu option to open this file in Finder right from the open files tree on the left, or the tab bar. Otherwise, one has to hunt down the exact same file in the "folder" tree and then right click to Open in finder, which for large projects takes substantially longer than right clicking on the open file.

+1. Although you can add a command to do this to Side Bar.sublime-menu - this only affects the right-click menu for entries in "FOLDERS" and not "OPEN FILES". It would be nice to be able to add such a right-click menu item for "OPEN FILES". Or include a way to allow us to add commands to the right-click of "OPEN FILES" via Side bar.sublime-menu or similar file.