light text cursor when using dark editor background.

alttag 9 years ago updated by Martin Ceronio 9 years ago 4
Can you make the cursor light when using a dark background theme? (OS X) I keep losing track of my cursor, especially when using a projector (while teaching).
It seems it's a bug on OS X. It's light on my Linux Ubuntu and Dark GTK theme.
This is a real bug. On OS X, if you move the mouse cursor over the terminal window, it changes the color of the text insertion cursor to white. In Sublime Edit, this doesn't happen.

Its almost impossible to use a dark theme in Sublime Edit anywhere there's direct sunlight near the screen (like in the car or on an airplane sitting window seat).
I am having this same problem on Windows XP using alpha build 2059 of Sublime Text 2.
Using any dark colour scheme results in the mouse cursor being practically invisible.
Highly annoying!!!
Well, it turns out that a workaround on Windows XP is as simple as replacing the text select cursor with something that has an outline, so it is visible on dark and light backgrounds, but that is just a workaround.