Project file contains user specific information

Paul Dennison 13 years ago updated by Daniele Niero 12 years ago 2
Currently the sublime text project file includes a lot of very user specific information (open buffers, search history, etc). This makes checking the project file into source control pointless, because the file changes with every usage of the editor. It would be better to put this data into a separate file, perhaps appended with the system account name or similar.

Referencing absolute paths in the project file is another issue, as you cannot even branch locally and have the project file still work. However, this issue has already been covered in http://sublimetext.userecho.com/topic/19438-project-file-paths-on-different-computers/.
I would love to have projects work like .git files.

Instead of having to name a project and having to save a visible file, and then open the project manually, just store a invisible file on the folder automatically and open it automatically when that folder is opened.

You might argue that some projects might involve more that 1 folder. While that is true, there is most certainly a main folder for a project and accessory folders and accessory files. 

If no folder exist, then probably it isn't big enough to be considered a project of to benefit from anything a project have to offer.

How to choose the main folder? Use the 1st opened folder.

Make projects transparent to users. The project name = main folder name. When the user, opens the folder again, load the .sublime-project invisible file, and he/she will have the project and configurations loaded automatically.

PS: Windows users might not understand what I'm talking about.

I believe they did it. 
I couldn't understand in the beginning why they split the project in two distinct files... now I know :)