Use the NSFindPboard on OS X.

William Taysom fa 12 anys updated by Tim Lewis fa 6 anys 5
OS X uses a NSGeneralPboard for cut-copy-and-paste.  OS X also has NSFindPboard for sharing searches between applications.  It would be great if Sublime Text supported the NSFindPboard.  Then, for example, we could select output from a printf in Terminal, use ⌘E to set the find pboard, switch to Sublime Text, and then use ⌘G to find the printed text.  It's just another way to make Sublime feel like a first class OS X citizen.
SublimeText does that already.
The finde paste board definitely does not work for me with Sublime Text 2 Beta Build 2181 on Mac OS X 10.7.3.  If it works under other configurations, perhaps there's a subtle to be found here.
OK, support for the OS X find pasteboard was added in version 2182. It will be included in the next beta. Or available right now in the dev build.

Can this be disabled via a user setting? I despise macOS messing with Sublime's find-state when switching between applications. It's actually quite jarring.