Native TODO List Panel and Highlighting

Kyle Simpson 8 ár síðan Uppfært 8 ár síðan 2
Please add an integrated TODO list panel into the UI that can be toggled via the 'View' menu/shortcut - perhaps as a side panel.  I'd like all TODOs to be highlighted in my code comments and automatically collected in this side panel.  Would be nice if it supported input of generalized TODOs as well.

I see others have been downvoted for this request, but the existing python plugins for TODO functionality are absolutely not cutting it.  Must have! Thanks and great product!
I think adding the ability for plugins to add new collapsible sections to the sidebar via the API would probably be a better solution here.

I think the advantage to this approach is that you'd likely wind up with a much more full-featured and/or domain-specific TODO list from a plugin. A native TODO panel would probably prove to be consistently missing features that an ambitious plugin author would be looking to add.

I can agree with that, Joel.  Regardless of implementation, it's needed feature and I really hope the capability appears in a subsequent build of V2 or V3.

PS: Off topic, but Hackernews just did a poll of favorite texteditor today and Sublime2 beat out Emacs to take second place only behind Vim.  Really ecstatic to have discovered Sublime. (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3717754)