Include file check for function/variable names + user struct/class highlighting

Marian Frische 12 years ago updated by Ivan Dokov 11 years ago 5
It would be great if include files could be checked and variables and function names could be used in the autocompletion. Furthermore it would be great when only class members would be shown when writing:
So that it then shows all class members [like in visual studio]

Problably you could also add highlighting to user created structs and classes, so that the following class name gets highlighted:
class someclass { ... };

someclass *class = new someclass; //the "someclass" should be highlighted
SublimeClang does include file and member autocompletion for C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++.
And SublimeCodeIntel does intelligent autocomplete for: PHP, Python, RHTML, JavaScript, Smarty, Mason, Node.js, XBL, Tcl, HTML, HTML5, TemplateToolkit, XUL, Django, Perl, Ruby, Python3.

Not quite at the level of an object/class browser like Visual Studio, but it does provide for some key functionality in this area.

While you're at it, check out SublimeLinter too.
Sounds good, although I only need something like that for C++ ;)

Hey, thank you!

This seems to be great :)

I was about to post the same idea/request.
I and many others absolutely LOVE the autocomplete of NetBeans.
If Sublime has the same autocomplete it will be one of the best features of the editor.
I use PHP and NetBeans smartly autocompletes class names and functions when I create variable and when I start to write method of the object it autocompletes only the methods of the class. Example:

In file random.php:
$email = new EmailManager();
$email-> (autocompletes all methods of class EmailManager and the class EmailManager is not even included in the random.php)

I guess NetBeans parses the entire project in order to get all classes and their methods.