class names or theme components list

isomorph.0 7 years ago updated by alice monday 3 years ago 3

where the hell can one find a complete list of all the theme components (classes) and their respective configurable attributes?  i've been wasting an hour googling to find just a few examples here and there, but basically nothing telling me what the full set of configurable theme component might be and all their possible values. i mean, seriously, don't the developers keep docs or something. (and yes i went to the official and unofficial docs page, both of which are a joke in terms of the depth of detail available. i am seriously pissed off--when i write code, i document everything, down to the single smallest detail possible, no matter how stupid it seems at the time regardless of all the hooting and jeering that causes from the crowd of the "it is so 'obvious' that no one will ever need to read up on it." wrong! you never know what kind of user or coder noob might use your software later and who would find an exhaustive documentation quite useful. s/he'll thank you for it. or curse you if it's missing, and rightly so. in other words, if you are gonna do something, why do a 1/2-assed job when you can give a 110%? i never understood this shoddy attitude. perfection, man. perfection.  if jobs hadn't strived for it, you macbook would suck as bad as a Lenovo Thinkpad. think about that for a moment, you goddam slackers.)

anyway, rant over--this is what i am talking about:



        "class": "name_of_theme_component",

        "configurable_property": "desired_value",

        "another_property": "desired_value"



        "class": "another_theme_component",

        "configurable_property": "desired_value"



LMHO hilarious!  must have been the 1st time i had to wait 4 years for something like this.  and to even get downvoted for my initial post, just boggles the mind.  

in any case, i have moved on a long time ago to a better editor.  so bye bye Sublime Text clowns.